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Cookies policy


Artandcrafty.com uses cookies with the sole purpose of offering a better & more personalized service to its customers and to make navigating on our web-site easier.

A cookie is a very small text file placed on your hard drive by a Web Page server. A cookie is unable to identify a person by itself, as it makes no reference to any data of a personal nature and cannot be executed as code or deliver a virus.

A cookie will enable us, for example, to save your configuration (language and shipping country) so that you won't have to introduce the same information on your next visit. It will also allow us to update your shopping basket and store the information related to your order while you continue to browse the web-site.

Artandcrafty.com uses two types of cookies; its own or technical cookies which are required for the correct function of the web-site and the services offered byArtandcrafty.com; and third-party cookies such as analytical cookies, required for following or analysing statistics of users who access Artandcrafty.com or those required for social networks.

  • Our own cookies: these cookies help us, for example, to save the user's configuration (language and barrabes.com version the user is navigating from) so that the user accesses the same version on the next visit to the web-site. It also allows us to process your shopping cart and keep all the products in the cart as they are added while shopping on the web-site.

    Cookies also mean, that after logging in with your user name and password the first time, you won't have to re-introduce this data the next time you visit certain sections of Artandcrafty.com, which would otherwise require identification (Forums, Contests, Weather,...). At the head of the Artandcrafty.com page you will view "Hello" followed by your user name. This makes browsing our web-site much easier. Use the "Close Session" option if you access our web-site from a public computer.

    Bear in mind however, that in order to guarantee the privacy of personal data you will have to log in again, in order to place an order and access Your Account, regardless of having logged in to other sections previously.

  • Third-party cookies: Artandcrafty.com uses analytical cookies. We use the Google Analytics tool to follow and analyse the statistics of users who access our web pages. These cookies do not identify the user or save users' private data, but only collect data on anonymous user navigation at Artandcrafty.com in order to complete a statistical report.

    Artandcrafty.com uses external social network cookies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube & Google+. Social network cookies are required for controlling the interaction of users with widgets and the content of the different social platforms in our own web-site. The conditions for the use of these cookies and the information collected is regulated by the personal data protection policy of the corresponding social platform.

    Most browsers automatically accept cookies but it is also possible to configure your browser not to accept them. In this case, you would be able to search the web, but in order to place an order with Artandcrafty.com you would have to accept the "session cookies", which only exist while you are visiting the Artandcrafty.com site and which disappear once the browser is closed.

    In the "Help" section of most browsers you can find an explanation on how to modify the configuration of the cookies in your browser:

Artandcrafty.com reserves the right to modify their Cookies Policy according to legal demands and regulations or in order to adapt it to the instructions dictated by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, and it is therefore recommended that users should visit the policy periodically.

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Cookies policy
We use first-party and third-party cookies to analyze our services and to show you ads related to your preferences, based on an analysis of your browsing habits. (e.g. visited pages).

You can find out more on how we use cookies and change your preferences HERE..
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