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Renomat liquid Saphir 100ml Leather Cleaner Renomat Leather Cleaner Renomat

Renomat liquid Saphir 100ml

Reference: 0514
Thoroughly cleans the pores of smooth leathers, stains and deposits of products based on resin or silicone. Colorless.

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Thoroughly cleans the pores of smooth leathers, stains and deposits of products based on resin or silicone.
Essential before using Saphir waxes that do not contain resins or silicones.
Non-aggressive formula. 

100ml colorless container.


This is a liquid product that cleans and renews all smooth leathers without damaging the leather finish.
It is recommended for all leather colors. Its super powerful formula removes without rubbing all dirt, wax deposits or black marks. Its use allows to degrease the leather and give the surface the possibility of "breathing" again by opening the pores of all the impurities acquired with the use of harmful waxes (from paraffin, silicones or resins) or an excessive use.


It is used on all smooth leathers (footwear, leather goods, luggage, leather furniture, car interiors). It is recommended to perform this treatment at least four times a year.


Brush the item to be cleaned. Shake the container. Apply the RENO'MAT® SAPHIR® with a cotton cloth in the form of a tampon. Insist on stains using the back of the cloth when the other side is dirty. After 15 minutes, the treated article will automatically regain its color and natural softness.
It is important to subsequently treat the leather with a natural cream or paste that restores nutrition, repigmentation and waterproofing to the skin, such as POMMADIER SAPHIR®, LUXURY PASTA SAPHIR® or CANADIAN SAPHIR®.


This product is not suitable for removing greasy stains or greasy dirt. In this case, use for this type of stain and depending on the surface to be treated:

- The HUSSARD® LIQUID STAIN REMOVER: for stains of all kinds, even old ones.
- The TERRE DE SOMMIERES HUSSARD® for freshly made grease stains.

After use, it is recommended to apply a maintenance cream adapted to the treated surface.
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