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Leather dye - French dye 50ml

Reference: 0816
Penetrating alcohol-based dye that makes it more effective than any other. It can be used for both smooth leather and suede and nubuck.

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This product contains a penetrating alcohol-based tincture that makes it more effective than any other. It can be used for both smooth leather, suede and nubuck, without any danger.
Always use to tint from a light color to a darker one, or in the same tone. With respect to the previous formula of this product, the new more concentrated formula with more perfect colors, allows to penetrate the leather much more easily, making the application faster.
For leathers that do not present a minimum porosity that allows penetration of the dye (some low-end leathers have been treated with the use of a resin that has clogged the pores, making the leather waterproof), it is advisable to strip with the SAPHIR DECAPANT ® (Ref. 0844) two or more times until the chemical layer disappears.


It is used on all smooth leathers (with minimal porosity), and also on suede, nubuck and fur leathers. On the other hand, the particular treatment of certain leathers with the use of many resins makes this product not recommended for car interiors and certain leather furniture.


Make a preliminary test on a non-visible part of the leather.
It is recommended to first use the AVEL® REGENERATING CLEANING SOAP (Ref. 4000) or THE ETALÓN NOIR® SOAP OINTMENT (Ref. 0504) to clean the item, in order to remove possible dust or greasy dirt.
In case of damaged leathers, use the SAPHIR® DECAPANT (Ref. 0844) to remove dirt, grease, wax and previous or original dye layers. Subsequently, apply the dye with a brush, letting it dry for 1 hour. If you want to give a second coat (it is not usually necessary), the first coat must be completely dry, and the skin must have been brushed off any remaining dye.
For an optimal finish, it is recommended to apply a finish of:
Smooth leather in good condition: POMMADIER (Ref. 0032), LUXURY PASTA (Ref. 0012), CANADIAN (Ref. 0043). Damaged smooth leather: JUVACUIR (Ref. 0803) or the RENEWING CREAM (Ref. 0851).
Suede and Nubuck: RENOVETINE AEROSOL (Ref. 0204). Then brush with the SUEDE BRUSH (Ref. 2651).


To verify the porosity of the leather and to be able to act correctly, it is advisable to wet the leather (be careful, do not do it with very delicate leathers) to see if the water penetrates. In general, it is easy to visually check whether the leather pores are open or closed (if it penetrates, the leather is porous).
There is an arrangement of 8 colors + 3 primary colors + 1 lightening base that allows you to create the desired color. It is advisable to plan a little more of the color created to ensure a uniform tonality.
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