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Stripper for emulsions 1L

Reference: 49206

Super powerful product that removes up to 10 layers of emulsions at once. Floors laminated, parquets, marble, natural stones, stoneware and tiles.

£8.11 + VAT




The "Stripper for emulsions 1L AVEL" is a super-powerful product for all types of parquet and tile laminated floors. It acts only without effort, being able to strip up to 10 layers of emulsions efficiently, as well as all surfaces greased after successive applications of waxes or self-polluting emulsions (ionized, metallic, acrylic) or by fats, accumulations of dirt or other grease.




It is used on all tiled floors, parquet floors, marble, natural stones, stoneware, terracotta tiles ...

Strip all emulsions: classic, vitrificantes, metallized, ionized bi-ionized, whatever their age.




Pour the product on the ground in small doses. Spread with a damp brush insisting on stains. Leave on for approximately 15 minutes.

Carefully brush surfaces, rinse, rinse and let dry.




For a bright and long-lasting protection of your coating, use "AVEL vitrifying emulsion".

True protection for your laminated floors, tiles, virgin parquets, wax or vitrified.

Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation.
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