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Terrazo Sealer protector 1L

Reference: 49416
Protector for floors it is a lid-pore designed in several formulas, in order to adapt its functionality and its effectiveness to supports of different natures and porosities.

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It is used on acrylic resins in solution in an oil distillate.

"Terrazzo Sealer AVEL" is a lid-pore designed in several formulas, in order to adapt its functionality and its effectiveness to supports of different natures and porosities.

The product guarantees:
 -A protective treatment in interior and / or exterior on terracottas, tiles, bricks, concrete, paving stones, marble, cement tiles, porous stoneware, semi-stoneware, natural stone and stoneware, polished ceramic stoneware, ...
 -An optimal protection, depositing in depth and on the surface an acrylic polymer film and protecting the treated support against stains of different nature. It constitutes a penetrating lid-pore treatment, giving the tiles a wet appearance (wet effect).
 -An excellent mechanical resistance, as well as UV. The durability of the treatment is about 5 years according to the mechanical abrasion and the aggressions that the treated support could suffer.

"Terrazo Sealer AVEL" consolidates the joints, prevents the formation of mosses and revives the natural colors of the materials.


- Yellow Formula: Low or Very Low porosity (granite, marble, polished ceramic stoneware).
-Green Formula: Medium Porodity (Reconstructed stone, tiles, stoneware, concrete, cement tiles).
-Red formula: High porosity (terracotta, tiles, bricks, paving stones).


-Preparation of the support: On old or already treated supports, it is necessary to strip the surface layer to allow the resin to penetrate. Eliminate all traces of organic waste with "Carrelax AVEL" and mineral waste with "Cimentax AVEL".
Any previous application of an acid or alkaline pickling product must be followed by a rinse and a sufficient drying time (about 1 week) before the application of "Terrazo Sealer AVEL". The product must be applied on neutral, clean and perfectly dry PH substrates.
Verify the complete drying of the support with the help of a moisture tester or by making a test by sealing a tile with a plastic film for 12 hours, to check that there is no moisture.

   1. Apply two coats with an extender or medium hair roller.
   2. Apply a third layer on very porous supports.
   3. Wait 12-24 hours between layer and layer.


For the application on exterior surfaces and vertical walls, make sure that there are no water infiltrations due to roof coating, roof, gutters ...

The stripping and removal of "Terrazzo Sealer AVEL" is carried out with "T-Solver AVEL" in case of premature treatment (residual moisture, excessive treatment).

 Flammable liquid and vapor. Harmful if inhaled. Harmful in contact with skin. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation.
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