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Textile Color 60ml - Metallic & Fluo

Brand: Vallejo

Textile color is a range of brilliant, permanent waterbased colors, manufactured with a special resin which keeps the fabric soft to the touch. Color range in article file. 

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Metallic & fluorescent colors


Textile color is a range of brilliant, permanent waterbased colors, manufactured with a special resin which keeps the fabric soft to the touch.



 Best results are obtained on cloth made of natural fibres such as cotton or linen, but excellent results can also be achieved on synthetic fabrics. However, due to the different properties of synthetic fibres, it is best to start with paint and wash tests. If the fabric contains starch, it should be washed before painting.

To avoid painted fabric sticking to support, use cardboard or absorbent paper underneath; remove immediately after painting so that it will not stick to the fabric.

Colors can be applied with brush, sponge, roller, spatula (for airbrushing dilute with airbrush thinner used to extend the colors, to increase fluidity and delay the drying time); their creamy consistency is especially suitable for use with stencils, silk-screens and mono-print techniques.

All shades except Phosphorescent (Glow in the Dark) can be mixed with one another and with Glitter. Adding Textile Medium to the colors reduces viscosity and renders colors more transparent. Layering colors is not recommended, because overloading the fabric may interfere with proper bonding to fabric. Brushes and other tools are cleaned with water and soap. Dried paint can be removed with alcohol. Stains of Textile Color are difficult to remove if not washed immediately before drying; the colour is formulated for permanenc even without ironing. TEXTILE COLOR is not hazardous to users' health or to the environment.

Washing instructions: After letting paint dry for at least 72 hours, fix the colour by ironing on the reverse side of the design for 3 to 5 minutes at the highest temperature allowed for the fabric. Use a dry iron, not a steam iron, (the steam will undo the drying process). Since color is fixed by evaporation of water, the longer textiles are left before washing, the better. Still, after 72 hours, the painted textiles can be washed in cold water (max 40º), inside out, with the normal care taken for the fabric used - in washing machine use short program. Do not let fabrics soak. Use dryer or air dry. These instructions should be followed with special care for the Metallic Colors.

The colors are available in 60ml plastic bottles with flip-top cap.

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