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Tinting polish liquid 500ml

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It allows to obtain an antique patina, incomparable in nutrition and protection of wood. Its more liquid formula allows the wood to skate with greater fluidity.

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It is composed of a formula based on beeswax (10%) and turpentine (75%), used by all restorers of antique furniture. The LOUIS XIII® LIQUID SKATING WAX allows to obtain after cleaning or stripping (only very dirty woods) an antique patina, incomparable in nutrition and protection of the wood. Its more liquid formula (it contains 25% more concentration of turpentine essence than paste), allows the wood to skate with greater fluidity.

This fluid formula stands out for its powerful formulation, which makes it take much longer to dry than any other product on the market.

The STAINING WAX has a remarkable recoloring power, it can be used generously without any risk of obtaining a very dark color than the one it had, contrary to traditional products, since the wood will have the stain applied, the application of new layers will have no effect. on the color of the wood. The darker color of the product in the can does not need to be tested by the consumer.


It is used on new or pickled woods.


It is recommended for:

1-Restore stained, dirty or greasy furniture: Remove the old layers of wax, with the help of LOUIS XIII® STRENGTHENER. Use LOUIS XIII® WOOD LIGHTENER on stains and darker parts, then apply LOUISXIII® STAINING WAX.

2-Eliminate light stains (water, alcohol ...) and scratches: Apply LOUISXIII® TINTANTE WAX directly on the part to be renewed, with the help of ACEROLOUIS XIII® WOOL. Let dry and then polish.

3-Revive the tone of the clarified wood (furniture, chairs, parquets, stairs ...) and recolor the wood discolored by the sun: Spread lightly with the help of a cloth, let it dry and then polish it.

4-Staining by waxing new or pickled wood: Apply LOUI XIII® STAINING WAX without excess with the help of LOUIS XIII® COTTON WICK, or LOUIS XIII® STEEL WOOL No. 000. Let it dry for 30 minutes, after which we will polish it with the help of a woolen cloth. To obtain a stronger tone, repeat the operation.


A finish with the help of the MATINE LOUIS XIII® provides an anti-stain surface (water, alcohol…) as well as a deep shine, identical to the doll varnish used in other times on furniture.
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