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Woodwork Stain 500ml

Reference: 3314
Product that stains any type of wood, whether it is waxed, varnished or even stained. It has a mixed formula based on water and alcohol.

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It is a product that stains any type of wood, whether it is waxed, varnished or even stained. It has a mixed formula based on water and alcohol. This tincture also contains in its composition a fungicidal insecticide, thanks to which the wood will be protected against insects. It is a product that does not produce any odor. Its liquid appearance makes it an easy product to apply, achieving a perfect finish, without the risks of excessive coloring in certain parts, be it due to excess product, porosity or hardness of the wood. You can apply the finish you want. Resists ultraviolet rays. It does not lift the fibers of the wood and stains in depth giving a very uniform finish without showing the pores of the wood. The dyes are miscible with each other.


It is used on any type of wood, both indoors and outdoors. Woodworking stain can be diluted with distilled water.


It is very important to shake the drum vigorously to dissolve the dye that has been deposited on the base.

Soak a ball of LOUIS XIII® COTTON WICK or with a brush and apply in the direction of the wood fibers. Let it dry for at least one hour and perform the operation again if you want to obtain a darker tone. Let dry for about 4 hours before applying another product.


The dyes indicated on the drums and in the color chart may vary according to the woods. If possible, carry out a preliminary test on a non-visible part or a sample of the wood to be treated, to determine the number of layers that will allow the desired tone to be obtained. Dilute the Cabinetmaking Stain if necessary, work with lighter tones instead of dark tones for the successive layers.

Here we explain how to achieve a perfect finish. The wood has of this raw, free of all stains and perfectly sanded and without dust.

NEW OR VIRGIN WOODS: Sand the wood with LOUIS XIII® STEEL WOOL No. 0000. Remove dust. If the wood is outdoors, apply a finish with LOUIS XIII® WOOD VARNISH for protection, or a protective stain (let it dry 24 hours).

WAXED WOODS: Remove layers of wax with LOUIS XIII® DESCENDER.

VARNISHED WOODS: Remove layers of varnish or paint with LOUIS XIII® WOOD DECAPER.

NEW THICKENED WOODS: To restore the original stain to the wood, use LOUIS XIII® WOOD LIGHTENER, rinse with water, sand and dust.

COVERING POWER: 16 m2 / liter and per layer, depending on the wood and its hydration.


-To choose the shade, click on the painter´s palette.
-This product has been merged with the former Alcohol Base Wood Stain, and certain colours...
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