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Teak oil AVEL

Reference: 332401
Its formulation based on different wood oils and vegetable oils has the function of deeply nourishing and beautifying the woods.

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Its formulation based on different wood oils and vegetable oils has the function of deeply nourishing and beautifying the woods.

This formula is designed to protect against stains (water, grease ...), wood insects, as well as against the appearance of black molds that form microscopic fungi in garden furniture made of exotic woods such as teak.

In addition, its formulation allows to fight effectively against the gray aging of the wood. Its application also allows the protection of the wood against the attacks of the sun and enhances the grain of the wood while preserving its natural appearance.

This product has been studied for outdoor use but it can also be used indoors: because it has the peculiarity of having a very pleasant sweet smell.

Covering power: 18m2 per liter, per layer, depending on the porosity of the wood.


Both indoors and outdoors for exotic woods: teak, rosewood, olive, sandalwood, boxwood, ...


Shake the can.

Apply regularly by soaking a pad of COTTON WICK (code 3631) or with a flat and soft brush. Five minutes after application, rinse the treated surface with an absorbent lint-free cloth, to equalize the treatment and eliminate excess oil on the densest areas, where the cells or the wood is more porous.

Let dry 24 hours. For optimal protection, in case of new furniture, carry out a second application. Depending on the subtraction and the nature of the wood, a third application will be necessary. It will be applied in all cases, directly with an absorbent chamois.


The treated wood must be in good condition, bare and completely dry before applying Teak Oil.

If the wood is very dirty or greasy or damaged, sand with a fine wood sandpaper (120 or 180)

Use LOUIS XIII WOOD BRIGHTENER (cod. 3124) to remove darkened areas.

For routine maintenance, apply 1 or 2 times a year depending on exposure to the sun and the elements.

TEAK OIL is an impregnation product that should not remain on the surface. It must be applied regularly on all surfaces, interstices and under the legs of the furniture. Keep the treated surface from moisture for 12 hours.

It is recommended not to use steel wool outside, because it will inevitably leave small metallic particles in the wood that will rust and stain the wood once they come in contact with water. For this reason it is mandatory to resort to the help of sandpaper for wood.

For routine maintenance you can use a damp sponge, if necessary with a little soap (dishwasher type) and then completely dry the surface, you can apply TEKA OIL in aerosol (cod: 3521008).

Apply in the spring and before storing in winter, clean and then dry completely. Avoid the accumulation of dead leaves on and around the wood if it is left in winter outside.

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