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Red wood bleach 1 L

Reference: 3120171
Allows you to discolor the interior and exterior red exotic woods, to be able to later tint them with the desired tone.

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It allows you to discolour the interior and exterior red exotic woods, to be able to give it light wood tones and to be able to tint them according to the colors of the existing furniture.

The windows, doors, ... in exotic woods present many problems for their decoration. LOUIS XIII® RED WOOD DECOLORANT bleaches them in depth allowing them to be dyed in all shades of oak, cherry, walnut. It also allows all subsequent finishes with all dyes.

This special, highly effective formula contains sodium chlorite. Above all, keep in mind that it is very important not to mix this preparation with any other product, read and strictly follow the safety advice indicated on the drums.


-Covering power 15m2 per liter depending on the porosity and moisture of the wood

-Drying: 8 hours


Read tips and safety rules

Before use, rinse the surface that has been treated with other products. Rinse systematically in case of lasts.

Use: Shake the can vigorously. Apply the product on the wood with the help of a synthetic hair brush in a regular layer over the entire surface. Let dry completely. Rinse with plenty of water. Repeat the operation if necessary. Sand the surface after rinsing and drying completely, before proceeding to finish.

After use: rinse the support with plenty of water before any manipulation and before sanding (Risk of inflammation due to rubbing). Rinse the material and chamois with plenty of clear water.


  -Waxed woods: remove all waxes with LOUIS XIII® STRIPPER and LOUIS XIII No. 2 STEEL WOOL, then apply Louis XIII cabinetmaker stripper, rinse, sand with glass paper and dust.

  -Varnished wood: strip with the help of LOUIS XIII Cabinet Stripper and No. 2 Steel Wool, rinse, sand with glass paper and remove dust.

  -Blackened virgin woods: use Wood Lightener to restore the original tone. Attention, this product is strongly acidic and can never be mixed with red wood bleach. Wash the treated surface with plenty of water with clear water.

  -Remove stains of blood, rust, old ink, drinks ... with the help of the wood bleach (see previous point)

  -Remove greasy stains by impregnating the spot with the Wood Degreasing Cleaner then putting the Terre de sommieres on the stain. Let dry and clean with the Tampico Brush, sand with the glass paper and remove the dust.

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