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Thick iron wool 100g

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This type of wool is thicker than the conventional ones on the market, designed to carry out jobs that require more aggressiveness.

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This type of wool, which is thicker than the conventional ones on the market, is mainly designed to carry out jobs that require more aggressiveness to remove more of the product layer. It can be used to remove the thicker layers that are formed on the parquet due to the massive application of waxes without having removed the previous layer. This operation will be carried out with the help of the LOUIS XIII® DESCENDER.

It can also be used to remove thick layers of varnish or paint with the help of LOUIS XIII® EBANISTERIA DECAPANT.

This wool should only be used to remove the thickest layers, preferably on parquet and not on furniture.


It is used on any type of soil to remove thick layers.


Being made up of quite thick threads, we advise you to cut the piece that will be used to remove the product with a pair of pliers.

Once the amount of wool needed is obtained, apply the product to be used on it.


Never apply the product to be used directly on the surface.

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