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Potter's wheel RK-3D RK3D

Potter's wheel RK-3D

Reference: RK-3D
Brand: Shimpo

The RK-3D represents the next generation of potter'swheel. Responsive, high torque at all speed, powerful and quiet. Professional quality.


The RK-3D represents the next generation of potter´s wheel. Responsive, high torque at all speeds, powerful and quiet. Not just quiet, but QUIET! This wheel is by far the quietest on the market; you can actually throw and hear yourself think at the same time

This new wheel features a brushless DC motor and direct drive (no belts) system. The motor is electronically controlled and operated by a fixed foot pedal and hand lever. It's resversible, and the steel body is durable under all coditions. A 304mm wheel-head and two-piece splash pan are included as standard features.



- Drive System; direct drive DC brushless motor

- 45Kg centering

- 304mm light alloy casting wheel-head, drilled for bat pints

- Attached foot pedal with speed lever

- Virtually quiet; no belts, no vibration

- Wheel-head acts as a banding wheel when te pedal is at stop

- Pedal stops the wheel head immediatly; no belt no extra rotation when stopped

- Higher torque; no belts

- Maintains a specific set speed when away to center, even with slow speeds with 45 Kg of clay



- Motor: 220V / 400W / 50-60Hz  Single phase

- Power: 0,5 CV

- Speed control: Fixed foot pedal and hand lever

- Wheel-head Speed: 0-250 rpm

- Wheel-head Direction: Clockwise / Counter-clockwise

- Dimensions: 525 x 585 x 515mm

- Wieght: 53Kg

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