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Real Black Soap Louis XIII

Louis XIII Real Black Soaps will recover the natural satiny beauty of your floors. Wash & care for sealed wooden floors, tiles and terracotta. No need to rinse. It leaves a beatiful natural satin appearance, and a pleasant lemon fragrance.
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After cleaning the tiles with the "Louis XIII Black Soap", they will regain their natural satin beauty. Due to its detergent agent formula (16% active vegetable matter and 3% flax oil), the product does not generate foam, so after use, no rinsing is necessary. The shine of the floor is immediate.
Covering power: 1000m2 / liter.
It is used on all types of floors: baked earth tiles, marble, stoneware, earthenware, ceramics, natural stones, enameled ornamental bricks, slate, also for wooden parquet (of all kinds).
Especially suitable for quality old floors, which require a high-performance product.
In homes:
Pour 2 caps per 5 liter bucket of warm water and stir. Dissolution is immediate. Normally this amount is enough to wash 50m2.
Clean with a well wrung mop or burlap. Let dry. It does not need clarification.
Industrial use:
One liter of product is enough for a surface area of ​​1000m2. The mixture should be a quarter of a liter of product for every 25 liters of water.
Depending on its use (machine), the proportions can be varied depending on the result.
 May cause allergic reaction. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye damage.
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