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Silicone & Resins

Silicone & Resins
Silanes are the generic family to which silicones belong. We have a range of silanes with different functional groups that act as adhesion promoters and coupling agents between organic materials (thermoplastic and thermosetting resins) and inorganic surfaces (fiberglass, silica, metal quartz, etc.)

Resins are a particular type of silicones with a three-dimensional structure that confer particular properties to the formulations of paints, plastic materials, etc.

They provide excellent resistance to temperature, weathering and aging, non-stick and dielectric properties ideal for restoration tasks.

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Epoxi resins

Epoxi resin offers more possibilities than almost any other material. In combination with wood, a wide range of interesnting possible designs can be made: Wood coated with epoxy resin as a protective layer, wood tables combines with resin like the one that can be seen in the main photo of the page, and much more.

Epoxy resin is a two-component material that hardens in a few hours when mixed, and can then be cut, ground, and polished. Unlike polyester resins and polyurethane resins, epoxi resin shrinks much less during cure. All other products can shrink from the wood after a few hours or days are therefore not suitable. There are products for different applications and here it is important to choose the right product.

There are different types of consistency:

  • Low thickness epoxy resins: Intended for coating layers.
  • Thick epoxy resins: Intended for function molds or resin frames.

There are big differences after hardening of the dough. Some products are quite soft after curing, other are even scratch resistant and even more temperature resistant. For utilitarian items like kitchen counters, table tops, and other items that are exposed to higher mechanical stress, it is worth purchasing a higher quality resin. 

River Table in epoxy resin

The idea and tren of the so-called River epoxi resin Tables (like the one in the image), comes like many other thing from the US. In recent years there has been a varitable outbreak of fever around the world for epoxy resin tables. This has happened all over the world, due to the fact that the table are very madern as well as extremely noble and  high quality.

Aboce all, an interesting contrast is achieved in the epoxy resin river tables, by a combination of wood and colored resin, which is very attractive.

We have a step-by-step guide to be able to make this type of tables or combinations yourself, you will only need the material and a little skill in manual work. 

Ask us without obligation!

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