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Oleosealer waterproofer 1L

Reference: 4942604
Water -and oil repellent, this product protects porous materials against stains and frost without leaving a film on the surface.

£22.10 + VAT



Primer for the "Terrazo Sealer AVEL"
Hydrophobic and oleophobic impregnating aqueous phase with a pearl effect, ready to use, invisible, intended for the protection of chemical and mechanical agents from high, medium and low porosity materials (> 0.5%).

Product specially developed for the anti-dirt treatment of the soil.
Consolidates the support providing greater resistance to mechanical agents.
High resistance to the incrustation of stains, facilitating the removal of external chemical agents, graffiti, gum, etc.

Protector of the support before the destructive effects of the frosts and the acidity of the rain.
Excellent resistance to common detergents.

It does not create a film or modify the initial state of the support, providing easy cleaning and allowing the passage of water vapor.

"Oleo Sealer AVEL" does not contain solvent or silicone.


-Interior and exterior: On all types of porous coatings, does not create film and breathes perfectly to the supports thanks to its permeability to air or water vapor.

"Oleo Sealer AVEL" penetrates deeply and forms an authentic waterproof barrier against water, oils, fats and other types of stains, thus preventing the accumulation of dirt and the absorption of moisture. Its antistatic properties help to keep the supports clean.


-Preparation of the support: It is used on perfectly dry and clean substrates, without non-adherent particles, previously brushed, pickled or cleaned with a high-pressure gun.

Use "Carrelax AVEL" to clean the support in depth or "Cimentax AVEL" to remove remaining cement and lime.
After cleaning it is imperative to allow the support to dry several days or until it is completely dry. Otherwise, salty aureoles may appear on the surface of the support.

On recent alkaline materials such as cement and new concrete, it is imperative to ensure that the support is completely dry.

-Application: Apply the product with an extender, a brush, a roller or spray.

2 coats can be applied in 6 hour intervals (drying time).
The supports are quickly practicable (after 30 minutes).

The treatment acquires its optimal efficacy after 5-6 days of polymerization.
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